A beautiful, fun & easy to fly toy glider. We match every purchase with a donation of the same glider to underprivileged kids & schools. One for One.

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The Plane Glider


The Kit Includes the following:

  • Foam Glider
  • Stickers
  • Days of fun
  • Instructions
  • We donate one!

Donation progress bar:

target of 100 planes before christmas 2019!



Most frequent questions and answers

A toy glider made out of foam that flies by throwing it in the air at a certain angle. Measurements are wing tip to wing tip 1130MM and nose to tail wing 800MM.

Preferbaly outdoors with ample space or indoors for example a hall. 

Yes it is super simple.

Usually kids below 3 tend to break the toy. 

We use packaging tape and foam safe glue to fix it in no time.

When we sold a 100 planes and or before Christmas 2019.

Yes we will definitely make a cool video about it!

Still not convinced? Please contact us if you have any questions 🙂

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