What is plane for plane?

A beautiful, fun & easy to fly toy glider where we match every purchase with a donation of the same glider to underprivileged kids & schools. One for One. BUY NOW!

The Plane Glider

Experience the simple joy of flight with the PLANE GLIDER! Flies up to 20 meters or forever (no really)!

Outdoor Fun

Enjoy the outdoors or indoors (if you have a big enough space). We have noticed adults enjoy the gliders almost as much as the kids.

Learn Aerospace Engineering

Unknowingly kids automatically learn about flight & aerodynamics.

One for One

For every PLANE GLIDER you buy we donate one to underprivileged schools to inspire a new generation of engineers and pilots. 


What is a foam glider?

A toy glider made out of foam that flies by throwing it in the air at a certain angle. Measurements are wing tip to wing tip 1130MM and nose to tail wing 800MM.

Where can I fly it?

Preferbaly outdoors with ample space or indoors for example a hall. 

Is it easy to assemble?

Yes it is super simple.

What is the age limit?

Usually kids below 3 tend to break the toy. 

How can I fix a breakage?

We use packaging tape and foam safe glue to fix it in no time.

When do you donate?

When we sold a 100 planes and or before Christams 2019.

Will we be able to see the donations?

Yes we will definitly make a cool video about it!

The Plane Mission:

Donate a 100 planes in 2019

  • 25%target
  • 25donated

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